Sunday, May 31, 2015

Lucy And Richard Were Surprised On Their Daughter's Graduation Day

Yesterday afternoon, our daughter graduated from Middle School. Her Dad and I, together with her LOLO Manoling Ang LOLA Julie, were in the audience. Juliana never let on that she had special awards that day. Imagine my (our) surprise when her name was called --- first for the Athlete and Varsity awards (two separate ones) and then the Leadership Award. I was holding back my tears. Richard was stunned as well. We had no idea. She kept it from us all this time, wanting it to be a surprise. Words cannot say how proud we are of you @gomezjuliana.🌺 Not so very long ago you were this little girl forever hiding behind my skirt, too shy to speak or be with people you've just met, and here you are now, blooming into your own person. All I ever pray for is that you will grow into whoever God wonderfully designed you to be. Fr. Eric echoed that so beautifully in the graduation mass yesterday, when he said that God's will for each of you, whatever it is, should be the very basis of your own dreams. May you have a very beautiful life doing just that. Daddy and I love you very much @gomezjuliana, always, to the moon and back.❤️ @richardgomezinstagram
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