Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Dingdong Dantes at 26th ASEAN Summit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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On top of having our unified ASEAN youth statement which was delivered by the host country representative from Malaysia, this was supposed to be our quick response and additional manifestation during the interface. However, because of the given tight schedule, the state leaders had to leave immediately. I would like to share it anyway, as we have already also included this officially: In behalf of the Filipino youth i would like to manifest and express affection and sympathy to our brothers and sisters in Nepal, as well as in the neighboring regions, who are currently suffering from the devastation wrought by the recent earthquake. We are a country that experiences occasional devastating calamities such as earthquakes, and more so typhoons. We are therefore very aware of the suffering that these calamities bring upon those affected. We shall include them in our thoughts and prayers. Consequently, Our world is faced with far greater challenges like the growing risks of natural disasters and the impacts of Climate Change to human development. Immediately, we appeal to the ASEAN states to push for a united initiative among ASEAN youth on Climate Change initiatives and Disaster risk reduction, through enhanced volunteer activities and participation, following the spirit of cooperation, directed towards the world leaders conference on Climate Change in Paris, on December. The maximization of youth involvement is greatly important NOW more than ever.. #NationalYouthCommission
A photo posted by Dingdong Dantes (@dongdantes) on

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