Wednesday, June 17, 2015

10 Signs That He/She Has A Crush On You

1. He/ She texts  or calls you just to say "hi", "how are you?", "good morning", "have you eaten your lunch/dinner?" or anything about nothing in particular. Or in other words He/She is just making "papansin".
2. He/ She stares at you a lot. You may catch him/her looking at you or He/She  makes serious eye contact with you.
3. He/ She is interested in everything you say. He/She taking the things you say into consideration and shows that your opinion matters.
4. He/She compliments you. He/she appreciates how you look or anything that you have done. He/She might say "You look good!", "Nice outfit", "Nice hair", "You look blooming", "you are so smart", "you did it well", "i love your smile" etc... It's proof that He/She really admires you.
5. He/ She teases you. He/She will throw some jokes on you that He/She knows you will find it funny and not offending. 
6. He/She might be a little bit touchy. You will find him/her slightly touching your shoulder or placing his/her hand at your back.
7. He/ She invites you out. He/She might invite you out with his/her friends or just the two of you. Maybe for lunch/ dinner, to watch movie etc... Well, that is a very strong sign that He/She really likes you! 
8. He/She asks your likes and dislikes. This is a sign that He/She wants to know you more.
9. He/She surprises you. He/She might give you chocolates, coffee or anything that He/She knows that you like.
10. He/She stalks you. He/She follows you on instagram,twitter or facebook. He/She looks at your photos, where you go and who are you with. It means that He/She is interested in everything you do.

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